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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does my order take to make?
Making times are hard to estimate due to the extenuating circumstances of Covid-19. However all pieces are aimed to be completed in  3-6 weeks. 

Postage and Handling:

All jewellery is sent via Auspost with tracking. This goes for both international and domestic buyers. 

If I buy a pre-existing style (non-custom jewellery) how long does it take to ship?

1-2 weeks making time for existing permanent styles. 

Can I return or exchange my jewellery?

Phoebe Cutler jewellery does not accept returns or exchanges. Items deemed faulty from manufacturing will be accepted. General wear and tear to jewellery can be fixed for a small fee.

What materials are used ?

Phoebe Cutler jewellery casts in sterling silver, 9ct/18ct yellow, rose and white gold . Please be in touch to find out which metal suits your needs and lifestyle. Gemstones are a mix of natural and synthetic stones- we try to use ethically sourced stones in your pieces. Synthetic stones are preferred as they create the most minimal impact for the slave gem trade and the environmental aspect of mining.

Why do you advise against gold plated rings?

Gold plated jewellery is great for occasional wear however it is not suggested for everyday wear as it does not stand the test of time always. Hand washing, sweat, swimming, sport and other activities minimise the lifespan of these pieces. These ring are made to be heirloom pieces passed down and treasured forever. In saying that we understand the financial aspect of investing in gold. Discussion in metal choices are always welcomed. Please see below care instructions for gold plated jewellery.


Care Instructions:


SILVER:  All sterling silver jewellery is solid and not plated. Wear 24/7! To avoid excess tarnishing, use a jewellery cloth and polish once a week or when necessary. This avoids the build up of everyday wear. Scratching of metal occurs after regular use. 



GOLD PLATE (BRASS): 18ct gold plated brass is optimal if you want to keep gold luster. Brass oxidises naturally with wear. To avoid excess oxidizing and tarnishing it is advised to remove jewellery when washing hands, using perfume, skin care products or swimming. This will lengthen the life of your jewel!

GOLD PLATE (STERLING SILVER): Gold plated sterling silver will loose luster over long periods of time and may appear more silver toned. To avoid this please remove when showering, washing hands and applying perfume/sunscreen or moisturizer. Gold plating is done in 18ct yellow/rose gold. Gold plated silver is suggested for those with more sensitive skin! Re- gold plating services available.


SOLID GOLD: Solid 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold will not need much upkeep! Gold polishing or microfiber polishing cloths are great to keep luster and sparkle! Polishing services available upon request.


GEMSTONES: Please note that some gemstones are softer/more brittle than others and require more care with wear. Specifically- opals, moonstones, turquoise, amethyst, citrine, topaz and peridot. These stones will last forever but just need a bit of care such as removal in cases of strenuous activities and in use of chemicals and heat! Stones can be replaced in case of fault or wear. A small cost may incur.


RE-GOLD PLATING: Gold plating services start at $30- please contact for price estimate!


                                                                                               THANK YOU!

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